Welcome 2019

Hello everyone. Wow, 2019 has started full force. I had planned this post to happen weeks ago, but my day job started the year out hard. Had to cram 14 hours of continuing education courses to get recertified in addition to updating my CPR training. The first two weeks of this year have been exhausting. The day-job hiccup aside, I am so excited for 2019 because some great things are happening. I’ve recently gotten my newsletter set up and look forward to getting the first edition out to you. Sign up so you don’t miss out.

The biggest news I have to share is I have a series coming out this year. I first stepped into the paranormal romance genre with my Christmas story, Sugar Cookies and Mistletoe. If you enjoy a light-hearted, playful short story about shifters, check it out. I had so much fun writing it. The Chevalier Series is a paranormal MM romance series of four books that have dragon shifters, wolf shifters, vampires, sorcerers, and a centuries-old event that still sparks fear and hatred to this day. The books are full of fated mates, magic, and, of course, explicit male-on-male loving.

Book one, Hearts of Fire, is scheduled to be released in March. Book two, Hearts of Blood, is scheduled for June and book three, Hearts of Magic is scheduled for late 2019 (November, I think). Book four, Hearts of Destiny will be out in early 2020. This is my first series and, while it has been hard work, it has been so much fun to write. I’ve fallen in love with these characters and hope you will, too.

Just a small peek into my Chevalier World and the pairings: Hearts of Fire starts us off with Tanner, an alpha wolf shifter, who finds himself mated to his boss, Luca, a dragon shifter. Tanner eventually takes over a local pack that consists of four other wolf shifters and an elemental. Throughout the series, each of the wolves in the pack find their mates among other paranormal beings – a vampire, a sorcerer, and another dragon – while fighting off homophobia and fear. Tanner, Luca, Ross, Deacon, Vance, Sakima, Theran, Colby, Ean, and Matthias have been so enjoyable to write and I truly hope you find them just as enjoyable to read.

Stay tuned!!