Wounded Heart

Picking up the pieces and starting over is never easy, especially when the one who created the hell you were strong enough to survive finds his way back into your life.
Warren Shay has finally gotten his life back on track. He’s dancing professionally again, he has his own place, and volunteers for a sweet old lady who reminds him of his grandmother. He hadn’t realized he was missing anything until he shows up. Muscular, tattooed, and intimidating, Tag Daniels is the security specialist Warren didn’t know he wanted. It doesn’t take long before the dominant man has Warren on his knees.
Tag Daniels lives a simple life. He spends his days working as head of security at Ford Development and his nights at home alone. On the occasions he wants to exert his dominant nature, he finds a random hookup. No names. No strings attached. That all changed the moment he saw Warren Shay and was swept away by his youth, beauty, and submissive nature. When Warren’s abusive ex-boyfriend shows up again, Tag resolves to be everything Warren needs; master, lover, and protector. Even if it means breaking the law.