Man, What A Year

Been quite the year, hasn’t it? Damn. I don’t know about anyone else, but this has hit my creative core hard. In 2019, I was writing a novel in 3-4 months. This year, I’m struggling to get one book done. As some of you may know, I don’t write full time. I write in my spare time. My full time job is in healthcare where I’m the Lead Medical Assistant for an Internal Medicine clinic. The patients we see are all high risk so COVID isn’t being taken lightly. As far as the medical field goes, it’s nothing all that out of the ordinary, just more strict guidelines, but the fear, anxiety, and contagious nature are quite a bit higher than we’re used to. It’s not fun and this delta variant is no joke. I’m finding it hard to write after a day spent in those conditions. I wanted to take a few minutes to let my readers know that I am, indeed, still writing and I will have books coming out in the future, but I’m definitely going slower than I, and likely all of you, would like. I hope you all stay safe and if you’re unlucky enough to catch this virus, my wish is that you heal fully and quickly.

Hearts of Destiny

Hi, everyone. Being a healthcare worker full time and everything going on in the world right now, I almost forgot to let you all know about my newest release coming out Monday, 3/30/20, from NineStar Press. It’s the fourth and final installment of the Chevalier Series where Ean finally nails down Matthias. It takes some underhanded sneakiness, but Ean will do anything to end the pain of being separated from his mate. The pack’s willingness to help Ean achieve that goal, doesn’t hurt. Matthias, however, has secrets he’s always kept and exposing his past mistakes to his mate and the rest of the pack is daunting. The circumstances the Chevalier Pack find themselves facing finally gives Matthias the courage to claim his young wolf mate, and obtain the love and happiness he’s always wanted. Now available at and other ebook retailers.

Throwback Thursday Sale – Only You

Only You was my second book to be published and saw release day back in 2017 from NineStar Press, and I cannot believe it has been that long. It doesn’t feel like so many years have passed since I started this amazing whirlwind journey that is my writing life. I have enjoyed every second of it. Even through the hard times when resistance was strong and I felt like words were never going to flow from my fingers again. Only You is one of my contemporary romances where the characters really pushed me hard to get their story written. I remember this book being difficult to write because of the emotional load poor Rawley was carrying and the fact that Case was from a different generation than me and his soon-to-be-partner. I love the age-difference trope, though, and I’m sure readers who have been with me through more than one book will have noticed that. I’m excited to announce that for this Throwback Thursday, NineStar Press has placed Only You on sale for $2.99 until the end of February. Just click that lovely word “sale” to get your copy today.

Below you’ll find an excerpt from the book. After reading the book, or if you’ve already read it and would like to read a short epilogue, there is a post in the archives titled Forever You.


Rawley had spent the past four days in his truck with his trusty radar gun, nailing speeders at various points across town. The past two days, he’d been sitting at the railroad crossing at the edge of town; a hot spot for teenagers speeding down the main road and over the tracks without looking. It had been a year since the last death occurred on these tracks and he intended to keep the streak going. He sighed loudly as he tore off the latest ticket and gave the seventeen-year-old boy behind the wheel his usual speech about safety. He’d given out half a dozen the past couple of days, but if it saved a life by making the kids think twice, it was worth the mind-numbing boredom.

Rawley climbed back into his truck, shut off the emergency lights, and drove back to his parking spot partially hidden by the wall of the feed store near the tracks. It had been the usual quiet on the crime front the past several days, which was typically a welcome occurrence for Rawley, but ever since Case Holden’s arrival, Rawley’s thoughts had been plagued by gray-blue eyes, dark hair, and a perfectly toned body. He spent his nights tossing and turning, imagining Case in any number of different scenarios, every one of them sexual. The whole situation was frustrating him. He took the edge off every night with his hand, but it didn’t satisfy the deep need he had for another man’s body—Case’s body in particular.

Rawley shifted on the bench seat and adjusted himself. He seriously needed to get a grip. The moment Case climbed into his truck, drenched from the rain, Rawley had suspected he was gay, but after running into each other several times around town the past few days, Rawley was now certain. The knowledge only worsened his predicament because he knew if he wanted Case badly enough, he could have him. The man didn’t even try to hide his sexuality or his attraction to Rawley. When they’d seen each other the day before at the general store, he’d been wearing a dark-blue T-shirt that had “Out and Proud” stamped across the chest in rainbow lettering.

They’d found themselves face-to-face in front of the dairy display — Rawley in his tan police uniform and Case looking like a model in his skintight T-shirt and painted-on jeans. Conversation had been polite but stilted. Rawley knew it was his fault because he was too busy noticing every little dip and curve of Case’s body to speak coherently.

Knowing Case was gay and that he wouldn’t make a play for the younger man had Rawley short-tempered and sniping at everyone. That was why he was sitting alone on the outskirts of town, doing traffic duty; no one wanted to be around him, including himself. Rawley stared into the distance, wondering what the hell he’d done in this life or a past one to earn him this level of torture, when a vehicle he would’ve been hard-pressed to miss caught his attention. The bright-gold Mustang roared past him, registering ten miles per hour over the speed limit.

“Oh, you’ve got to be shitting me,” Rawley muttered. He turned on the emergency lights and siren as he pulled onto the road.

There was only one person in Clover City who drove a Mustang. He caught up to Case quickly, and they pulled to the side of the road, Rawley coming to a stop a few car lengths behind Case. Rawley exited the truck and walked up to the driver’s side of the car to find Case had rolled down his window and held out his license and insurance card. Rawley took them, willing his body not to react to the beautiful smile Case offered him. Rawley couldn’t help but notice that Case wore a black shirt that made his hair seem even darker and those gray-blue eyes brighter.

“Get pulled over a lot, do you?” Rawley asked, averting his gaze to Case’s papers.

“My car tends to draw attention,” Case answered. Rawley rolled his eyes at Case’s nonchalant shrug.

“Your car draws attention,” Rawley muttered.

Everything about Case drew attention, or at least Rawley’s. He put his mind to the task at hand, making sure Case’s license and insurance were up-to-date before handing them back through the window.

“I didn’t get pulled over driving my aunt’s Jeep.”

“Did you speed in the Jeep?”

Case shrugged. “It was a manual with no oomph.”

“Slow down,” Rawley said as he turned on his heel to return to his truck.

Wait! What? Release Day Already??

It’s already the week before Thanksgiving? How did that happen? Just so happens, it is also three days pre-release of Hearts of Magic, Chevalier Book 3 and…Wow! That seriously snuck up on me. I blame the trip to Ireland and the subsequent two and a half week bout of pneumonia I came back with for the time warp I just experienced. I’ve been caught unprepared. I have no blog tour or giveaways set up for this release date. For that, I apologize to my fans. As a result, Theran and Colby will greet the world with less fanfare than their predecessors, but I promise they are just as sweet, sassy, possessive, and protective as the rest of the Chevalier Pack is of their mates. Colby was quite the pain in the ass to write, but he’s actually a nice guy (ahem, stubborn and a bit egotistical). I hope you all enjoy reading this series as much I’ve enjoyed writing it. Book 4 is the final installment so stay tuned.

Amazing Ireland

Ireland was the most amazing trip. It’s humbling to be in a country with a history as rich and old as theirs. Dublin was a Viking city established in the 800s. Wow! Upon arriving at Castle Hotel, after the strange experience of being in a European car and driving on the other side of the road, the four of us went to our rooms. Keri and Tigz room looked like any other hotel room – warm creams and browns. Mike and I ended up in a solid white room that looked like a 10-year-old girl’s attic bedroom that brought to mind images of The Shining. I mean, why is there a chandelier? The tight, odd, blood-red hallways with doors that only led to stairs probably didn’t help with that illusion. It was quite the maze. We ended up getting lost at least twice during the week.

I was excited to see Donegal, the county my family heralds from, during the bus tour to Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-A-Rede. I hate heights so the fact I did the Shepherd Steps at the Causeway and the rope bridge of Carrick-A-Rede was quite the accomplishment. In Dublin itself, we did a walking tour and visited a few museums. One of which was, of course, the Dublin Writer’s Museum. Tigz and I loved that place.

Despite going places and doing things every single day we were there, so many more things to see and do ended up on our list for “next time.” I can tell you, I’ll probably not enjoy Guinness poured in America as much anymore having had it there. So creamy and rich there. For some reason, it just doesn’t taste the same here. The Guinness brewery was a fun excursion. We also did a whiskey tour that was fantastic where we learned how to drink it properly, pair it with cheese and chocolate. So delicious. The only thing I wouldn’t have minded skipping was the walking pneumonia I brought home with me. A week later and I’m still healing from that.

The live music we got to hear on the street and in the pubs was invigorating. Being the introverted writer that I am, this was the biggest social experience I’d had in years. They say travel is good for sparking creativity and hitting that reset button. Now that I’ve experienced it, I agree wholeheartedly. I’m sure the family will continue to push me to spread my wings and experience more of the world in this way.


Today is the day. Mike, Keri, Tigz, and I get on a plane headed for Dublin, Ireland. I’m a nervous wreck because, of course, Colorado decided to have snow and freezing temperatures today. I’m also very excited. I’ve never been out of the country (unless you count Hawaii, which I’ve noticed some do). If you don’t already follow me on social medial, go find me. I’ll post pictures and stuff while I’m there. Happy Samhain, my lovely human pack members.

Ireland, Here I Come

October has been a whirlwind month for me. My office moved into a bigger space so we now have more exam rooms for patients. Been loving that. But this month is also my trip to Ireland. Next week I get on a plane headed to another country for the first time in my life. Probably my last, given the cost of tickets and hotel, not to mention the stress it causes me, but the future is unpredictable when you’re a mere human. I have to say I’m looking forward to this trip despite my anxiety. I don’t like being away from home, trusting my animals to other people, and I hate, hate, hate flying. I do believe Dramamine will be in my system for the entirety of the flight. Still, I can’t wait to see places like the Guinness factory, Newgrange, tour a few castles, and just take in all the differences and similarities Dublin, Ireland has with Colorado. I’ll be taking plenty of pictures and lots of notes because I have no doubt story ideas will pummel me every day I’m there.

On another note, Hearts of Magic, Chevalier Book Three has a tentative release date in November. So excited. The final installment, book four, is nearing completion as well. I’ll no doubt be writing on that while I’m in Ireland, too, because I couldn’t stop creating if I tried. Where I am in the world will make no difference to the characters in my head. I look forward to sending out book three’s release day newsletter with tales of my travels included.

Blog Tour – Hearts of Blood

Hello, everyone. I’m excited to announce that I’m doing something slightly different for the Hearts of Blood blog tour coming up August 12 – 16. IndiGo Marketing and Design ( in conjunction with the blog sites listed below will be running a rafflecopter giveaway. The prizes will be hand-crocheted paw-print scarves for five lucky winners so be sure to enter the drawing. Each one was made with a specific wolf from Tanner’s pack in mind. A card with each wolf-shifter’s bio will be included with the scarf. I had a lot of fun putting this together for you and I hope you’ll enjoy winning one of them.

  • August 12 – Love Bytes Reviews
  • August 13 – Stories That Make You Smile
  • August 14 – Bayou Book Junkie
  • August 15 – Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy
  • August 16 – Joyfully Jay

Release Day – Hearts of Blood

It’s finally here. Hearts of Blood – Chevalier Book 2 released today. I’m so excited for everyone to read Vance’s and Sakima’s love story set amidst the continuing mystery that is the Chevalier. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Omega wolf shifter, Vance, and the rest of his small pack have finally found an Alpha willing to take them on and were still trying to regain their footing when the McBane Pack attacked them. When a vampire appears in front of him, Vance realizes he’s looking into the ice-blue eyes of his mate, and the fact that his mate is something other than wolf scares him.

Sakima knew the wolf shifter was his destined companion the moment he scented him at Elysium, but claiming the gorgeous young Omega wolf is a dangerous proposition. Vance and his unconventional pack have attracted the attention of the vampire coven. As the owner of Elysium, Sakima has been asked to use the club to gather information on the powerful interspecies pack and its Alpha.

Unfortunately for Vance and Sakima, the vampire coven and the continued attacks by the McBane Pack are only a portion of their problems. Amidst concerns over Alpha Tanner’s abilities growing with Sakima’s addition to the pack, a spurned ex targets Vance in an attempt to remove him from Sakima’s life, and Elysium becomes a hot bed for interspecies mingling where anyone could be an enemy.

Now Available

Luca Duray has been quite happy living a solitary existence for decades. But when a steel trap around his leg catches him when he’s weak and hungry, his life is irrevocably changed. He knows the wolf shifter who offers him assistance is more than he appears and immediately makes plans to keep the pup close.

Disowned by his pack for being gay, Tanner McBane is forced to become a lone wolf. While on a hunt, he stumbles upon an injured dragon shifter and provides aid. It’s not easy surviving on his own and when money gets tight, he finds himself face-to-face with the dragon shifter once again during an interview. Tanner isn’t sure a wolf should be working for a dragon, but he accepts the job and unknowingly creates a bond to his new boss. Soon, Tanner learns Luca isn’t just his boss—he’s his mate.

The mating of a wolf and dragon shifter is uncharted territory for both Luca and Tanner, but they are determined to make it work despite widespread prejudice, death threats, and the untraditional pack Tanner finds himself leading. Tanner only hopes that the bond he forms with Luca will prove to be unbreakable.

Hearts of Fire