Hello! For those of you who are new to me and my stories, I am a writer of LGBTQI erotic romance, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, mystery, and whatever else my wandering, adventurous heart desires. I read all kinds of fiction, write all kinds of fiction, personally keep the coffee companies in business, and eat Mexican food every chance I get. I live in Aurora, Colorado with the love of my life and our seven furry children – two pups and five kitties (adopted from rescues, every one).

I am published with NineStar Press and continuously working to bring my readers stories they will love. As such, I love hearing from you from about what you liked, loved, or (cringe) hated, about my books. After all, I write for you.

Email: kaydohertyauthor@gmail.com

Facebook: Kay Doherty Author (@kaydohertyauthor)

Twitter: @kdohertyauthor

I also have Pinterest (KDohertyAuthor) and Instagram, though I am far less prolific with it (kaydohertyauthor).