Mine For Christmas by A.D. Lawless

Please join me in welcoming A. D. Lawless today talking about her favorite holiday memories. Be sure to check out her new release, Mine For Christmas, available at NineStar Press.

“I’m lucky enough to have so many amazing Christmas memories to choose from that narrowing them down to a few for this blog post was incredibly difficult. In my family the winter holiday season was always a big deal.

When my sisters and I were kids my dad would build us a skating rink in our tiny backyard every winter. We’d spend hours out there skating around on it, laughing and practicing. Some of my best memories are going for skates with my sisters before we came in for hot chocolate and to pile on the couch and watch our favorite Christmas movies.

Another fun thing to recall for me is how my youngest sister and I would listen for our parents to go to bed every Christmas Eve so we could sneak downstairs and check out our stockings from Santa. We knew better than to wake up our other sister—she’d complain loud enough at being woken up that we’d all get sent back to bed. So we’d tip-toe past her room and creep down the stairs, pausing and holding our breath at every little creak of the floorboards until we reached our goal. We’d pull everything out of the stockings and pick out some candy to take back to bed with us, and then we’d put it all back together and leave it where we found it before sneaking upstairs again. I’m sure my parents knew we were doing it, but so long as we didn’t wake them up until seven they never said a word.

I’ve always loved the holidays season, the lights, the smell of pine trees, cinnamon, and picking out gifts for people I love. There’s something special about it that offers a bright spot in a dark cold winter. I wanted to write a story like that—something fun that warms you up and leaves you feeling cheerful with a lingering smile on your lips. I think you’ll find all that and more in Mine For Christmas.”


Matt Westin was shocked when he ran into Cody, his grade-school best friend—pleased, but shocked. Devastatingly handsome was an understatement when it came to Cody, with his hazel eyes, wide smiles, and broad shoulders.

It was less shocking, months later, when Matt found out just how far he’d go for Cody. A desperate request for Matt to play his boyfriend over Christmas and save him from his mom’s meddling blind-date plans completely hammered that fact home.

Matt couldn’t resist saying yes, not when it meant getting closer to Cody. The only question was how would he ever be able to let him go when it was over?

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