Wait! What? Release Day Already??

It’s already the week before Thanksgiving? How did that happen? Just so happens, it is also three days pre-release of Hearts of Magic, Chevalier Book 3 and…Wow! That seriously snuck up on me. I blame the trip to Ireland and the subsequent two and a half week bout of pneumonia I came back with for the time warp I just experienced. I’ve been caught unprepared. I have no blog tour or giveaways set up for this release date. For that, I apologize to my fans. As a result, Theran and Colby will greet the world with less fanfare than their predecessors, but I promise they are just as sweet, sassy, possessive, and protective as the rest of the Chevalier Pack is of their mates. Colby was quite the pain in the ass to write, but he’s actually a nice guy (ahem, stubborn and a bit egotistical). I hope you all enjoy reading this series as much I’ve enjoyed writing it. Book 4 is the final installment so stay tuned.

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