Mission: Wolf – A Real Place

While dragons, vampires, sorcerers, and elementals may not be real and I can take extreme liberty in my writing with regard to them, wolves are very real. I’ve researched wolves and their behavior, learned as much about their pack dynamics as possible, and even had some one-on-one time with quite a few. There are a few different wolf rescues in Colorado, but Mission: Wolf is by far my favorite. I’ve included several photos from my visit there yesterday.

Located in the mountains of Colorado, Mission: Wolf is a rescue that is completely reliant on donations and volunteers, and have managed to create a sustainable environment. Every building on the property has been built using donated materials by volunteer hands. Among the natural wolf enclosures, you find green houses, tipis, and gardens. When guests arrive, they are given a tour of the grounds where they are introduced to the wolves and educated about them. At the end of the tour, guests are given the opportunity to actually visit with a few of the more human-friendly wolves and get a hands-on experience. Wolves have great memories and even though this was only my third visit in a year, they remembered me.

For more information on this amazing place, visit their website by clicking the link here – Mission: Wolf


I’m so excited that I had to share the news. Hearts of Fire, book one in my paranormal romance Chevalier series is due out soon from NineStar Press. Got a look at the cover by Natasha Snow and it is gorgeous. I can’t wait to share it with you. Writing these books has been a learning curve for me. Hearts of Fire started out as a short story meant for an anthology, but it continued to grow and I fell in love with Tanner and his pack of wolf-shifters, dragon-shifters, and other paranormal beings to the point that one book simply wasn’t going to be enough. I had to write ALL of their stories and I hope it fills you with the desire to read all of their stories. They’re a great pack of paranormal men with big hearts and incredible power facing some of the same crap we mere humans suffer except on a much grander, magical scale.

Welcome 2019

Hello everyone. Wow, 2019 has started full force. I had planned this post to happen weeks ago, but my day job started the year out hard. Had to cram 14 hours of continuing education courses to get recertified in addition to updating my CPR training. The first two weeks of this year have been exhausting. The day-job hiccup aside, I am so excited for 2019 because some great things are happening. I’ve recently gotten my newsletter set up and look forward to getting the first edition out to you. Sign up so you don’t miss out.

The biggest news I have to share is I have a series coming out this year. I first stepped into the paranormal romance genre with my Christmas story, Sugar Cookies and Mistletoe. If you enjoy a light-hearted, playful short story about shifters, check it out. I had so much fun writing it. The Chevalier Series is a paranormal MM romance series of four books that have dragon shifters, wolf shifters, vampires, sorcerers, and a centuries-old event that still sparks fear and hatred to this day. The books are full of fated mates, magic, and, of course, explicit male-on-male loving.

Book one, Hearts of Fire, is scheduled to be released in March. Book two, Hearts of Blood, is scheduled for June and book three, Hearts of Magic is scheduled for late 2019 (November, I think). Book four, Hearts of Destiny will be out in early 2020. This is my first series and, while it has been hard work, it has been so much fun to write. I’ve fallen in love with these characters and hope you will, too.

Just a small peek into my Chevalier World and the pairings: Hearts of Fire starts us off with Tanner, an alpha wolf shifter, who finds himself mated to his boss, Luca, a dragon shifter. Tanner eventually takes over a local pack that consists of four other wolf shifters and an elemental. Throughout the series, each of the wolves in the pack find their mates among other paranormal beings – a vampire, a sorcerer, and another dragon – while fighting off homophobia and fear. Tanner, Luca, Ross, Deacon, Vance, Sakima, Theran, Colby, Ean, and Matthias have been so enjoyable to write and I truly hope you find them just as enjoyable to read.

Stay tuned!!

Mine For Christmas by A.D. Lawless

Please join me in welcoming A. D. Lawless today talking about her favorite holiday memories. Be sure to check out her new release, Mine For Christmas, available at NineStar Press.

“I’m lucky enough to have so many amazing Christmas memories to choose from that narrowing them down to a few for this blog post was incredibly difficult. In my family the winter holiday season was always a big deal.

When my sisters and I were kids my dad would build us a skating rink in our tiny backyard every winter. We’d spend hours out there skating around on it, laughing and practicing. Some of my best memories are going for skates with my sisters before we came in for hot chocolate and to pile on the couch and watch our favorite Christmas movies.

Another fun thing to recall for me is how my youngest sister and I would listen for our parents to go to bed every Christmas Eve so we could sneak downstairs and check out our stockings from Santa. We knew better than to wake up our other sister—she’d complain loud enough at being woken up that we’d all get sent back to bed. So we’d tip-toe past her room and creep down the stairs, pausing and holding our breath at every little creak of the floorboards until we reached our goal. We’d pull everything out of the stockings and pick out some candy to take back to bed with us, and then we’d put it all back together and leave it where we found it before sneaking upstairs again. I’m sure my parents knew we were doing it, but so long as we didn’t wake them up until seven they never said a word.

I’ve always loved the holidays season, the lights, the smell of pine trees, cinnamon, and picking out gifts for people I love. There’s something special about it that offers a bright spot in a dark cold winter. I wanted to write a story like that—something fun that warms you up and leaves you feeling cheerful with a lingering smile on your lips. I think you’ll find all that and more in Mine For Christmas.”


Matt Westin was shocked when he ran into Cody, his grade-school best friend—pleased, but shocked. Devastatingly handsome was an understatement when it came to Cody, with his hazel eyes, wide smiles, and broad shoulders.

It was less shocking, months later, when Matt found out just how far he’d go for Cody. A desperate request for Matt to play his boyfriend over Christmas and save him from his mom’s meddling blind-date plans completely hammered that fact home.

Matt couldn’t resist saying yes, not when it meant getting closer to Cody. The only question was how would he ever be able to let him go when it was over?

Holiday2018Cover-MineforChristmas-f (1).jpg



Happy Thanksgiving

Hello and happy thanksgiving to those of you in the US. I’ll be spending my day with family eating smoked whiskey-braised turkey, mashed potatoes, and probably a ton (literally) of other food. My house smells amazing. It’s a scent that lingers for days, just like the indigestion and weight gain. This four-day weekend is an exciting one for me. I have the pleasure of hosting fellow NineStar Press authors A.D. Lawless and Kevin Klehr with their upcoming holiday releases over the next couple of days. Have a safe holiday today and then come back to check out some great holiday stories.



Coming Soon – A NineStar Press Holiday Short Story

SugarCookiesandMistletoe cover.jpg

Preston believed he would never find his mate. When he finally does, he’s in for a surprise. His mate, Dylan, is a rare breed of wolf-shifter, an intersex omega capable of bearing children, but he’s still a child himself. Due to the unusual circumstances, the families agree to keep Preston and Dylan separated, only allowing monitored emails to be exchanged between them. Six years later, Dylan returns to the wolf-shifter town of Barton, and Preston. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for Dylan to meet the Callahan Pack, reunite with his mate, and figure out exactly what his omega status means for his future with Preston.

The Road To Success

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces – Will Rogers

My mother gave me this quote, handwritten on a note card, when I first started the struggle of becoming published. I had just finished my first novel, which has not yet been graced with publication, and was in the first stages of querying. That particular novel was rejected, so my mother’s notecard was hung above my writing desk where it stayed for the next two years. In that time, I wrote Blind Date and Only You. The entire time Slade and Dekker were telling me about their game-show meeting, and Rawley and Case shared with me their fight toward love, that quote was within sight. A constant reminder to keep writing, to never give up. The words burned into my brain.

There are far too many parking spaces in the Super Mall of Rejection. Every successful writer will be parked there for a time. There are a multitude of pull-offs for self-doubt. An infinite number of parking lots with names like procrastination, inner critic, writer’s block, family commitment, volunteer work, and my personal demon – the day job. While I can now say I’ve been published, my journey is not over. My road to success is nowhere near finished. There is plenty of room at the top of Mount Success for anyone who can resist the urge to park. For those of you on this road with me, fight the temptation and I will see you at the summit.

Happy July 4th!

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

I realized today that it’s been a while since I stopped by. My only excuse is that I’ve been busy at the day job and working hard to bring great stories your way. I have a paranormal shifter novel that I hope to have in your hands in 2019. I’m also hard at work on a paranormal shifter Christmas short that I would love to have out this year. It’s been an interesting experience writing Christmas in July. I surround myself with things that put me in the right frame of mind so I have Christmas music playing and photos on my computer of snow scenes and Christmas trees. It’s earned me quite a few odd looks from the husband. If it results in a romantic little love story, I’ll endure it.

Have a safe and happy July 4th.

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