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Case Holden hates his life. Made rich at a young age, he slipped into a lifestyle of partying with multiple boyfriends who only wanted to be with him for what he could give them. After confiding to his aunt that he’s miserable, she extends an invitation for a visit. Case plans to spend the time in small town Clover City to reprioritize and plant his feet on the road to happiness. He does not expect the Clover City sheriff to step into his world and wreak havoc on his emotions.

Two years ago, after the death of his partner, Rawley Kane moved to Clover City, trading the painful memories and big city madness for a less stressful existence. Even as sheriff, his life is uncomplicated and quiet. That is until Case Holden rolls into town and reminds Rawley just how lonely he is, and of everything he’s been missing.

Case is everything Rawley shouldn’t want. The man has six boyfriends and a life back in Denver, not to mention he’s quite a bit younger than Rawley. No matter what he tells himself, he can’t get enough of the young man. And Case has made it clear Rawley is the only one he wants. Now if they could just get past Rawley’s guilt and Case’s insistent boyfriends, they just might stand a chance.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Wishing every single one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you be surrounded by friends and/or family who support and love you. I certainly love the diversity the we in the LGBTQIA community bring to the world. Never stop being you.

I write what I read

Somewhere, in one of my many books on writing novels, I read that a writer emulates the authors they read the most often. That whatever we are reading at that moment subconsciously makes it onto the page of whatever it is we’re writing. I’ve definitely noticed that phenomenon in my own work.

I read romances across the board – straight or gay, I don’t care. What I do care about is the characters and the plot. I want to read deep characters. Individuals who are wounded in some way whether physical, emotional, psychological, and are struggling with inner demons. I also want to read complex plots. Everyday life is not simple, easy, or pretty. There are a million little things that are happening in one person’s world and when two people meet and fall in love, those worlds can collide in unexpected ways. That’s what I love to read.

I get so much more satisfaction when I write that kind of story. I feel happiest, more fulfilled and accomplished, when my reader tells me they want the bad guy I created to get what’s coming to him. When I can make them angry enough at him that when the good guy does something evil, the reader cheers him on. I love it when I succeed at writing complex characters just trying to survive their own personal hells. I enjoy watching them meet, trip over each other’s plot lines, get tangled up in one another’s worlds, and fall in love. Because if I can love them, get engrossed by their story, then my reader will, too. That’s why I write, why I create, and why profiting from doing so isn’t important.

Celebratory Giveaway

August 29th marks the one-year anniversary of Blind Date’s release. To celebrate, I’m giving away a signed copy of the novel along with one of the handmade items pictured above. The giveaway will take place on my Facebook page – Kay Doherty Author – on August 29th. I will post instructions on how/when to enter the raffle drawing on my Facebook page in the near future.


It’s been a busy few months here at the Doherty household. New pets, new day job, and best of all, new stories. I’m proud to announce that Only You was accepted for publication by NineStar Press with an expected release date in December 2017. In addition, the one-year anniversary of Blind Date’s release is coming up on August 29. In honor of that, I’ll be setting up a giveaway on Facebook, and possibly Twitter, where followers can win a free copy of Blind Date along with a hand-knitted scarf or bag. I’m planning a similar giveaway with Only You once it’s been released. I’ll be posting details on these in the near future. Until then, happy reading.

My Advice to Aspiring Authors

When asked the advice I would give aspiring authors I always fumble with an answer. There is so much information I wish I’d had when I started writing that I want to share. After giving it a lot of thought, however, I’ve decided my answer would be to be stubborn. Everything boils down to that.

You have to be stubborn and ignore the demon on your shoulder telling you everything you write sucks and push on. Be stubborn and continue to submit your work no matter how many rejections you receive. Be stubborn and edit without mercy because you will get it right and be published. Be stubborn about the time you set aside for your writing and protect it fiercely. Let no one and nothing invade that time because the reality is that there will always be something needing done. Someone will always want your time.

A little rebelliousness doesn’t hurt either. “Don’t tell me I’m not good enough, I am,” and “don’t tell me I can’t write, I know I can,” need to become your mantra. The whole “I’m worthy” attitude needs to be strong and unwavering and come from deep inside you. Write for you and be stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.

Snow and Taxes

There are generally two things I can guarantee happening in the months from February to April – snow and taxes. Both are equally distressing and screw up any plans I have for the day. To date, snow has not been a big issue, but that’s coming. It always does. Something to look forward to, I suppose (enter my sarcastic humor). Today was the day for taxes and I have officially lost two hours of my life that I really want back. The migraine aura I’m suffering isn’t pleasant, either. It is trying times like these that I thank the heavens I have chosen to be an author. Because writing about a fictional person suffering through tax season is so much more fun to me than actually experiencing it. Or better yet, writing about a fictional character doing anything but taxes. That sounds awesome.

My First Child

Yesterday while scrolling through my Facebook feed I came across one of those “memories” Facebook likes to give you. One year ago, on March 5, I sent Blind Date off to the publisher in hopes it would be accepted. I literally had a minor panic attack after I hit the send button on that email. I was so anxious and terrified. I liken the entire experience to rearing a child from conception to adulthood.

The idea is conceived from deep inside you and as you write, you give it everything you have, and the novel matures. One day, that creation is finished in its elementary phase. From there, you have to culture it, grow it, and reshape it through the teenage phase into something the rest of the world will want to read. Acceptance of the novel by the publisher was another moment of terror mixed with elation. My baby had grown up and was going to college. Now was the time for it to get the professional attention and receive that final check to make sure everything was ready for the big day. And then…that big day came.

August 29, 2016, Blind Date was released to the world and I spent the day worrying over how it would be received. Will my child take the best parts of me and be successful, or will it land flat on its face? I’m pleased to say I’m quite proud of how my first child turned out. So, I will repeat the process and continue to populate the world with my characters and my stories. I doubt, however, that it will ever get easier to send them out into the big, wide, judgmental world.

Fiction vs Reality

Mild Spoiler Alert

In Blind Date, Dekker takes Slade on an amazing first date. On a few occasions, I’ve been asked where that “date” came from. The answer is – my own experiences. Everything Dekker and Slade do on their first adventure together are things I’ve done with the love of my life.

For my birthday one year, my husband gave me the gift of indoor skydiving. I imagine this was because he knew I would absolutely never deliberately jump off a plane. For those of you who enjoy a little rush while still feeling relatively safe, indoor skydiving might be for you. We were dressed in flight suits and helmets to protect against bouncing into walls, because we would, and then put us through a class that showed us how to hold our bodies. Even the slightest tilt of a hand would send us spinning in an insane circle that can, and did, make me dizzy. We started in an airlock and they proceed to show all of us “how it’s done.” And it looked so easy. Until it was me.

I could hear the fan, how could you not hear a jet engine right below you, and see those ahead of me being pushed up into the air and spinning uncontrollably, but it wasn’t until I stepped out onto that net and the air flow hit me that I realized just how difficult it is. The instructors make it look simple and amazing and acrobatic, but keeping my body in that odd position so that I floated in a steady position was hard on my muscles. We got two flights that only lasted a few minutes each, which apparently is the equivalent to jumping out of a plane twice. Knowing that it only takes those few short minutes to fall from plane to ground will definitely keep my feet firmly planted on Earth. Having said that, it was a BLAST.

On another occasion, my husband took me to a Tibetan/Nepalese restaurant. The menu was extremely unusual and I ate my first ever yak. Sounds horrible. Tastes delicious. As I was writing the game show for Blind Date, and Dekker was getting the hots for Slade, I realized I had no idea what they would be doing together. I wanted something unique, something that they and my readers would never forget. Once I set the bar with the first date, I had to make sure all subsequent encounters were equally uncommon. I like to think I managed that, and I encourage you to try every single one, whether it be on your first date, or on the 100th while your children stand on the sidelines yelling that you’re crazy. So I say – inject a little adventure, a little adrenaline, a little change, and spice up your everyday.